Our Story

About Us

Sending love to the world, through our shoes.

Now in 2019, we have the luxury to purchase any goods with one click. A question we often do not ask is where did these shoes come from? These are not mass-produced shoes eerily similar to all of your friends. Kitu Kali has one of a kind footwear and every purchase in our store brings acknowledgement of the hard and artistic work that goes into this product.

A walk in our shoes will not only empower your style; it empowers every steady Kenyan hand and their families.  

An exciting partnership has arose between 3 Kenyans based in the UK and the shoe artists in Kenya to bring quality and style to the masses.

Recycled materials are used inside the shoes. The outside of the shoes are 100% Ankara cotton, so yes it’s vegan! Ankara is a vibrant African fabric produced in limited individual batches, so no two pairs are ever exactly the same. The bright and tribal themed designs stand out as the scenery and culture of breath-taking Kenya. This being made in individual batches mean that- just like all of us- these shoes are one of a kind.